Take a 'big picture' view of data to improve safety, reliability and compliance while controlling costs and making better operational decisions

As more and more resources are extracted from mines to meet rising demands, managing assets – including equipment, technology and the workforce – has become a key factor in increasing productivity. Asset management incorporates all maintenance and reliability activities and strategies as well as all lifecycle management and financial aspects of the asset as they relate to the overall organisational business strategy. 

Effective asset management in mining operations can deliver:

  • Improved safety and environment
  • Improved capital productivity
  • Improved labour productivity
  • Improved decision making
  • Optimised lifecycle costs
  • More effective risk management
  • Higher levels of predictability
  • Reduced energy usage
  • Overcome sector challenges

    Deliver technical solutions that address unique challenges faced by the mining and resources sector.

  • Utilise tech advances

    Leverage fast-moving technological innovation to unlock asset performance.

  • Extract value

    Obtain maximum value from your critical assets and within acceptable bounds of cost, quality and risk.

  • Improve productivity

    Achieve timely and precise interventions and reduce material use and inventory overheads.

  • Gain a Holistic view

    Discover a ‘single view’ of your fleet and equipment maintenance operations.

  • Manage change

    Bring executive and operational teams together to create a shared vision and maximise adoption of change.

IBM EAM Solution Brief

IBM Solution BriefIntelligent EAM

Transform your business with intelligent enterprise asset management. This IBM Solution Brief explores the challenges faced by asset-intensive organisations and how they can reap the benefits of visibility, control and automation.

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