Clarita's Optimisation Roadmap provides a mechanism for charting a journey of maturity building initiatives that enable organisations to achieve their asset management objectives.

Clarita Solutions has found that organisations operating without a strategic framework for reviewing, approving and prioritising change initiatives come to rely on inefficient, ad-hoc development efforts. This results in double handling of data, increasing maintenance of that data, inefficient integrations, poor returns on systems investments and squandering of available budgets.

To ensure organisations' change programs align with their business priorities, Clarita has developed an Asset Information Ecoystem Optimisation Roadmap to provide clarity of vision and consistent delivery of improvement initiatives.

Clarita’s Optimisation Roadmap enables organisations to reach their identified goals by means of a step-by-step process that begins with a current state assessment and results in a strategic document that defines a path to a desired future state – and continuous improvement delivery.

  • Improvement framework

    Keeps implementation efforts on track with an agreed program of initiatives, accommodating technical dependencies and business priorities.

  • Specialist technologies

    Relates primarily to specialist IBM Maximo (asset and works management) and Esri ArcGIS (spatial and GIS) technologies.

  • Aids asset maturity

    Identifies improvement initiatives and stretch targets that will build capability in these key areas and improve asset management maturity across your organisation.

  • Eliminates ad hoc improvements

    Builds a sound AMIS foundation that reduces the risk of ‘rip and replace’ in future initiatives.

  • Engages stakeholders

    Develop a common understanding of the path forward, bring key stakeholders into the decision-making fold and share in change benefits.

  • Maximises the benefits of data

    Increase asset management maturity by managing data like an asset, understanding data gaps, leveraging data improvements and using quantitative data to drive decision-making.

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